Awesome Looking Cheongsam Dress!

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The cheongsam is customary Chinese costume that has long history from its inception. This dress was originally called Qipao, which is now known as ‘long dress’. They initially appeared during17th century in China at the time of Qing Dynasty. It was a one-piece dress that covers the person wearing the dress from neck to their foot and it was long-sleeved dress. There were also few variants that included the 2 piece of dress set, single pair of trousers and the long overdress. Shanghai cheongsam dress is the other kind of cheongsam dress. To gather moreinformation regarding shanghai cheongsam dress, you can read this page.

However, over some years, qipao dress evolved from the single long fitting dress to body hugging costume these days. Originally, qipao was known to be the functional piece of attire and it protected modesty of person wearing it. Depending on social class of person, they were also decorated with elegant embroidery. Now, the dress has become highly stylized and from 1920s cheongsam was modernized to fitted attire or a body hugging dress. With gratifying and sexier look, qipao was all the time more worn by the high-class celebrities and courtesans. 

Now days, you may find cheongsam dress for women, young ladies and children cheongsam dress at various online boutiques. Visibly the classic style got tailored with keeping high attention to the functionality and permits comfort because of modern touch in their design. These days, Chinese women are wearing this dress paired with cape, jacket or scarf and at many places and offices it is worn as uniforms as well. On the other hand, in modern times Qipao is highly versatile that it might be also worn to any business meetings and also at formal gatherings.

During Communist Revolution several famous styles of cheongsam were expelled. However, several Shanghainese emigrants as well as refugees from Revolution also brought the fashion along to Hong Kong, where cheongsam was embraced. So it became more famous and has evolved into modern body fitting dress that we can see today.

The great thing about Cheongsam is that since it is highly fashionable it may be worn by people of different races also. If you wish to have a Chinese dress in your wardrobe, you need to visit the online shopping portal or any reputed site for online shopping and choose the best style and design which suits your personality and taste. You may even shop at different online boutiques which are famous to sell Qipao in diverse designs and styles. Because of varying trends in fashion industry, the long dress Qipao is now redesigned to a short length dress known as Cheongsam dress.

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