How To Store Scotch Whisky

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When you think of storing any mildly alcoholic or alcoholic drink most probably what comes to mind is aged wine in an old castle like a cellar. Wine is precious and as they say “wine gets better with age”. A reason most wine collectors are searching for a “good year” among their wine collection. However, the extremes are left to wine while the moderates are left in single malt Scotch whisky.  This does not mean that it should not be stored in a manner deserving of priceless liquor. I mean, how then would you describe a spoiled rare scotch, out of negligence in terms of storage.  It is suppose to be given a proper resting place before consumption, if you know what I mean. The storage is between an open bottle and a closed bottle.

The composition of scotch whiskey discredits its, getting better with age factor mostly found in wine. In fact its high alcohol content allows it to maintain its signature taste for many more years. No esters, congeners or volatile alcohol can be active in such high alcohol content; it freezes all actions and reactions of the substances it holds. This article in a sense feels as a description for a scotch whiskey collector. It’s good to note though that Scotch whisky may not fetch an unbelievable price in an auction in future. It’s because scotch may not be so much a collector’s item that can be so valuable in coming days. It’s good though to store your scotch in the right condition for consumption at a later date.

Buying scotch whiskey online in Singapore will definitely quench your spirit’s taste buds or whet your art collection desire, it’s highly recommended. So how should you store your scotch whisky after an alcohol delivery ? Most importantly the greatest enemies of whiskey are light and temperature. So how does the two affect the whiskey? Well, wide temperature fluctuation and light act as catalyst for degrading your collection of whiskey destroying the tasty esters and congeners. In a sense the alcohol content you bought it in-probably 40%, will remain for decades but the taste will be completely lowered.  The best spots are thus; as indicated above a basement/wine cellar. You can also store your whisky in any air conditioned box. If possible, avoid the attic, especially if it is not insulated or finished, a cabinet box that is in your air conditioned rooms will do just fine.

The above specifications will perfectly work with a sealed whiskey bottle and the conditions stipulated may adversely affect your opened bottle if not well followed. An opened bottle may not last long as a sealed bottle, even if you store it in the right condition. There is a likelihood of oxygen working against your collection in due time; which is a year. If the bottle has been opened and only 75 % remain then probably it would only last a month before it becomes stale and loses its original tastes. You can however store your opened scotch whisky in small glasses that are properly sealed; however, this method may not be foolproof. To know about alcohol delivery in Singapore, click here

The best advice in storing opened bottle scotch whiskey is to invite couple of friends and enjoy it as you listen to cool music discussing moderate politics.

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