Why Are Corporate Secretaries Important?

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Are you planning to become a company secretary? Do you know what are the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary? If your answer is no, then you should make yourself aware of, what the company secretary in Singapore has to do. This will help you in improving your knowledge about the career you need to opt for your future. So, here are some important roles and responsibilities which will make you understand the importance of corporate secretary’s position.
Board meetings: Meetings are one of the ways which help in delegating the responsibilities to different employees working in a company, taking important decisions on business matters and making aware of new policies of business in order to achieve the desired goals of the company. Holding meetings regularly is an important function performed by a company secretary. The two important elements of meeting are holding it and recording it at the same time. You have to inform all the dignitaries at least 15 days in advance, so that all the important members shall be present at the time of discussion. Another important thing is that, you have to jot down the minutes on paper and take the signature of all the present members on it which acts as a record.
Record keeping: Another important responsibility is that, you have to keep the records of all ongoing obligations which a company needs to complete in its financial year. Many of the outsourcing companies even outsource the company secretarial services. Along with record keeping you have to file accounts and returns, statutory documents filing etc. It is very important for secretaries to remember the filing dates.
Secretarial functions: in this you have to see the provincial compliance, ensure company’s business is going as desired and company affairs are well managed or not. Secondly, you have to see whether the legal obligations are fulfilled, if not then, what all information is lacking which you need to provide them. Thirdly, whether the share allotments along with giving out share certificates is done or not. Fourthly, are the legal advisors working effectively for the rights of company or not. Lastly, to arrange extraordinary and annual meetings for the company.
Changes, if any: As the position of company secretary is one of the senior most within the company, you are liable to make changes if you want to. For example, on the death of share holder, you can make the transfer of such shares to another person after having discussion with other senior members in your company. Learn more here other services that this company can offer if you want to establish a company of your own.
After having an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary, you can make your decision whether or not to opt for this career option.

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